Reimagining the Science Department

by: Wayne Melville, Doug Jones, and Todd Campbell

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What if you could change the department-level factors that don’t support teaching and learning? Explore answers to this fascinating question and many more with Reimagining the Science Department. In five thoughtful chapters, the book invites you to reassess past and current practices in science departments as you rethink the future for teachers and students in your own science classrooms. Although the text offers rich historical perspective, you’ll come away with sensible strategies—bolstered by practitioner vignettes and related research—that your entire department can put to work right away.

Reimagining the Science Department is a must-read resource for chairs and those who aspire to become chairs, but it’s also useful for school administrators and school board members who are committed to developing a department in which the practices of science are taught for the benefit of all students.

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Type NSTA Press BookPub Date 4/1/2015Pages 118ISBN 978-1-938946-32-5Stock # PB357X

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