Exploring Safely: A Guide for Elementary Teachers (e-book)

by: Terry Kwan and Juliana Texley

Take the fear factor out of science lessons. This easy-to-digest book relieves many of the safety worries that come with teaching science in elementary school. The emphasis is on positive options for heading off potential hazards, from handling special equipment to conducting field studies.

Chapters cover:
- making safe work habits second nature to students
- equipping your classroom for safety and conveniene, including organizational systems for preparation, setup, and cleanup
- choosing and culturing live plants and animals for classroom study
- working safely with electricity, chemicals, and volunteers

A special added ingredient: model forms that can be adapted for your needs, including permission slips and student contracts. Best of all, a wealth of anecdotes about what works—and what doesn't—in real-life classrooms makes Exploring Safely enjoyable to read as well as to reference.


Type e-bookPub Date 6/9/2009Stock # PKEB166X1

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