Making Science Mentors: A 10-Session Guide for Middle Grades (e-Book)

by: Bernie Zubrowski, Marian Pasquale, and Vivian Troen

Many peer-mentoring guides claim to be unique. This one is. It trains middle school science teachers to be effective mentors for other middle school teachers—and does so using a long-term, inquiry-based approach to teaching and learning how to be a more effective science educator.

Developed under a grant from the National Science Foundation, the principles of this guide’s procedures and materials were field-tested with 50 mentors and new teachers in a variety of middle schools. Making Science Mentors comes with everything you need to set up and run a comprehensive program:

• 10 session-by-session lesson plans
• A planning and observation protocol to guide mentor-mentee interaction, both in conferences and during classroom observation
• Handouts and citations (on paper and on CD) for use in preparing mentors
• Video clips on DVD that show middle grades science classrooms and teacher mentoring

Making Science Mentors is ideal if you have state, district, or school-based teacher preparation programs and don’t want to start from scratch when setting up a research-based mentoring system. As the authors promise, “Using this guide, you will master inquiry-based mentoring and share it with mentors, who, in turn, will share it with their mentees, all in the name of improving the classroom experiences—and achievement—of students.”


Middle School


Type e-bookPub Date 9/1/2007

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