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Case Study: Assessing Critical-Thinking Skills Using Articles From the Popular Press Journal Article
Case Study: Biology in the News: Beginning and Ending the Semester With the Big Picture Journal Article
Case Study: Rocket Mail: Using Historic Articles as Case Studies in Physics and Engineering Journal Article
Choosing Primary Literature in Biology to Achieve Specific Educational Goals: Some Guidelines for Identifying the Strengths and Weaknesses of Prospective Research Articles Journal Article
Classic Lessons 2.0: Explaining Patterns in Our Solar System and the Role of Gravity in Space Journal Article
Current Research: Summer Reading Suggestions Journal Article
Current Research: Summer Reading Suggestions Journal Article
Editor’s Corner: Inquiring Minds Journal Article
First-Year Students Benefit From Reading Primary Research Articles Journal Article
Idea Bank: Interrogations on Scientific American Articles Journal Article
Idea Bank: Keep Current With a Journal Club Journal Article
Idea Bank: The Encyclopedia of Earth Journal Article
Journal Articles as Case Studies: The New England Journal of Medicine on Lactose Intolerance Journal Article
Nutrition: Grades 5-8 SciGuide
Reading Your Way to Scientific Literacy Journal Article
Research and Teaching: Visual Literacy in Biology: A Comparison of Visual Representations in Textbooks and Journal Articles Journal Article
Student Symposia on Primary Research Articles Journal Article
Teaching the Anatomy of a Scientific Journal Article Journal Article
Using Journal Articles in an Environmental Biology Course Journal Article
What Undergraduates Choose to Think and Write About When Reading Science News Articles on the Internet Journal Article