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resources for 2- Week Unit Plan on bees and other pollinators


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"Theme" Bee Journal Article
American Beekeeping Federation

beekeeping education and resources

Web Page
Asking the right questions Web Page
Bats as Pollinators

USDA Forest Service information on bat pollination

Web Page
Bee Factory Book Chapter
Buzzing Across America

website specifically for elementary students, by the "American Honey Queen" and "American Honey Princess"

Web Page
Honeybees, Butterflies, and Ladybugs: Partners to Plants Journal Article
NRCS research paper on Native Pollinators

USDA Table of crops dependent on Native Pollinators

Web Page
Podcast: Bees Can Teach Science! Meet Standards by Studying Pollinators in the Field and Classroom: Bee Hunt! Podcast
Robo Bees

technology answers pollination issues

Web Page
USDA resource, habitat planning for other pollinators besides honeybees

Enhancing Nest Sites For Native Bee Crop Pollinators

Web Page