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Common Misconceptions about Polar Weather and Climate

List of some common misconceptions that researchers tell us students may hold about weather, climate change, and polar weather and climate.

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Dress for the Weather Journal Article
How Do We Find Patterns in Weather? Lesson Plan
Investigating Weather and Climate Interactive E-book Kids
Leeds- Introduction to children conception

Introduces the ideas of misconceptions

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Lesson: Exploring Weather- One, Two, Three, Forecast!

Lesson involves having students track their own weather pattern to find out what type of climate they live in

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Lesson: What is Weather?

Has students integrate art and weather/climate into a lesson

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Ocean's Effect on Weather and Climate Interactive E-book
Podcast: How to talk to kids about climate change

Students learn about climate change and how to deal with the overwhelming feelings that come along with that information

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Seasonal Weather Patterns Journal Article
Standards Are Not Curriculum Journal Article
The Early Years: About the Weather Journal Article
Using Formative Assessment Probes With Real or Virtual Field Trips Journal Article

Sentence starters to provoke students interests in climate and their experiences with it

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What’s a Fun Activity That Combines Science With Art? Journal Article