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The freebies article below is just a good resource for me to use in the future! It contains different free websites that have activities, and overall good material to refresh your brains as teachers. Many of the websites have different topics which will all be covered at some point in a science classroom!

Physical Science Elementary

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Force Article

This article is very useful for explaining motion, and force of objects. This article also includes activities for the students to do, but these may not be accessible. This also explains what the result of certain tasks should be. These would be good to just discuss in class, and see what the students think will happen. This is them making predictions, and then I could find an interactive video, or an actual video of the experiment, and they can compare their results to what actually happened.

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Freebies Article Web Page
Lesson Plan for Reactions

Through this lesson plan, the teacher will cause a reaction to take place, and the students will observe it. They will make predictions as to why they think the reaction happened the way that it did. They then will share their predictions, and this would be great for learning experiences if they are wrong, so you as the teacher can tell them why the reaction took place, and how the substances worked together to create this "elephant toothpaste."

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Paper Airplane Activity

The article and activity in one, will get the students to use prior knowledge about paper airplanes, and they will eventually construct their own. Through this activity, the students will learn about controlled variables, and forces and how they affect an objects motion. Through this activity they will use mathematical thinking, and will have to communicate what happened and what may have affected a few variables based on their outcome.

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Sound Energy Video

This video is one that I found on YouTube that I believe does a great job of explaining what sound is, how it travels, sound waves, and what makes up sound waves. The video also discussed how different parts of sound waves work together to determine the frequency, wavelength, etc. This would be a great refresher video for me teaching these topics, as well as introducing the students to these topics.

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