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This is a collection of resources related to the web seminar titled: Teacher Tip Tuesday: Taking Familiar Digital Tools to the Next Level: Padlet and Socrative. The web seminar took place December 8, 2020. Collection

General Science Elementary High School Informal Education Middle School Kindergarten

Resources in “Web Seminar, December 8, 2020” Collection

Title Resource Type
1 Presentation Taking Familiar Digital Tools to the Next Level Jamboard Padlet Web Page
2 OpenSciEd Classroom Norms Web Page
3 OpenSciEd Remote Learning Resource Setting Norms Web Page
4 OpenSciEd Teacher Handbook - Classroom Culture and Norms pp 34-37

Classroom Culture and Norms from the OpenSciEd Teacher Handbook. The handbook is open source and can be found on the OpenSciEd website

Web Page
5 Ready_Set_Science_Norms_for_Discussion.pdf PDF File
6 Teaching Science and Engineering During a Crisis Web Page
7 5 Traps That Kill Online Learning Web Page