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These resources all help to create an understanding of plants, animals, and how they work together. The needs of both plants and animals are identified in the readings. There is also information of how they rely and help one another in some environments. Do They Need Air? My students had misconceptions about the need of air with plants and animals. This probe will help me identify where there misconceptions lie more with more details. Formative Assessment Probes: Needs of Seeds. This would be a good extension of a plants needs lesson. The seed is the beginning life stage of the plant. It would be good to explore and help guide an in class experiment. Functions Of Living Things I chose this because it highlights the similarities plants and animals have. This would be a good lesson for the students to explore. The connections between the plants and animals will be beneficial to students. Interdependence of Life I added this scipack to increase my knowledge on the interdependence of li


Resources in “Plants and Animals” Collection

Title Resource Type
Do They Need Air? Book Chapter
Formative Assessment Probes: Needs of Seeds Journal Article
Functions of Living Things Book Chapter
Interdependence of Life Interactive E-book
Natural Resources: If You Build It… Journal Article
No More Plants Book Chapter
Nutrition: What is Food? Science Objects have been retired and replaced with Interactive E-books