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I created a resource collection focusing on the physical sciences, more specifically matter and it’s changes, both physical and chemical. This resource collection is made up of multiple types of sources from the NSTA learning center. I have included two journal articles, one science object, and two book chapters in my collection. I collected these specific sources while conducting research for my science CAT, and used most of them in my project. Not all of these sources were included in my CAT, but I felt that together these sources created a helpful and well rounded resource collection for teachers teaching fifth grade science. I chose the journal article Changes Matter! because it addressed a very important aspect of teaching any content, student misconceptions. Addressing student misconceptions about chemical changes is essential because we must always keep in mind what the children learned prior to the lesson, and what misconceptions they have throughout the instructional unit.I


Resources in “Matter: Physical and Chemical changes” Collection

Title Resource Type
Changes Matter! Journal Article
Chemical Reactions: A World of Reactions Science Objects have been retired and replaced with Interactive E-books
Fun with Phase Changes Journal Article
Ice Cubes in a Bag Book Chapter
Lemonade Book Chapter