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This collection includes a variety of resources that can be included to discuss life cycles or specifically to focus on butterflies. The collection is not specific to younger or older elementary.


Resources in “Butterfly Unit” Collection

Title Resource Type
Archive: Monarch Butterflies and Citizen Science, November 27, 2012 Web Seminar Archive
Butterfly Life Cycle

Have you ever seen a caterpillar? This book will show you how it becomes a beautiful butterfly! These engaging early chapter books boost nonfiction reading skills and vocabulary! Includes exciting photos, illustrations, glossary, comprehension questions, diagrams, maps, and more. Book written by Jeff Bauer.

Web Page
Firsthand Nature Journal Article
Life of a Monarch Butterfly

App that takes you through the life cycle of a monarch. Includes pictures and vocabulary.

Web Page
Mrs. Carter's Butterfly Garden sample Book Chapter
Simply Butterflies Journal Article
Teaching through Trade: Life-Cycle Science Journal Article
The Human Side of Butterflies Journal Article