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The elementary science teachers I work with are often in need of age appropriate hands on science learning experiences. This collection brings together hands-on activities that can form the basis on inquiry based lessons


Resources in “Hand-On Minds-On Elementary Science” Collection

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FOSS Module on solutions and mixtures

FOSS is a research-based science curriculum for grades K—8 developed at the Lawrence Hall of Science, University of California at Berkeley. FOSS is also an ongoing research project dedicated to improving the learning and teaching of science. The FOSS program materials are designed to meet the challenge of providing meaningful science education for all students in diverse American classrooms and to prepare them for life in the 21st century.

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Home Connections: Sticking Together Journal Article
Inquiry In Action - Elementary

What causes certain substances to dissolve in water? Why do some liquids bead up on wax paper while others spread out? These questions and many more are explored in Inquiry in Action, a 470-page resource of guided, inquiry-based activities that covers basic chemistry concepts along with the process of scientific investigation. The entire book can be downloaded FREE at this site

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Savvy Consumers Through Science Journal Article
Science for Kids ACS Grades 2-6

Supplement your science curriculum with 150 hands-on activities, puzzles, and games. Activities cover everything from chemical and physical change to motion and energy.

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Science Shorts: The Dynamics of Dissolving Journal Article
Separating Mixtures

A short video on separating mixtures using real world examples

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The Best of Wonder Science ACS

The Best of WonderScience is two-volume book containing more than 600 activities that teach science concepts through hands-on activities. Intended for students in grades 3-6, all activities have been reviewed for safety and use inexpensive, easy-to-find materials. Colorful illustrations and step-by-step directions make the activities easy and fun to do. WonderScience also includes student activity sheets, science background information for teachers, and explanations of how activities support the

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The Early Years: Exploring the Properties of a Mixture Journal Article
The Early Years: Nurturing Young Chemists Journal Article