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This collection includes a variety of lesson plan ideas and resources that can be used when discussing resources and the human impact on the environment. The eBook, Resources and Human Impact, is a great place to start to review the topics included in this collection. Some lessons, Tabizi Pythons & Clendro Hawks, review some basic topics about population and ecosystems. Some lessons discuss population changes, human impact, and sustainable resources. Social Justice can be integrated into the curriculum using ideas, like Environmental Justice.

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Resources in “Resources and Human Impact Collection”

Title Resource Type
Breezy Power: From Wind to Energy Journal Article
Case Studies in Environmental Justice Journal Article
Decline in Saltwater Fish Populations (Ecology and Human Impact on the Environment) Book Chapter
How can we run out of water? Lesson Plan
Resources and Human Impact Interactive E-book
Science Sampler: Helping the environment helps the human race—Differentiated instruction across the curriculum Journal Article
Tabizi Pythons & Clendro Hawks: Using Imaginary Animals to Achieve Real Knowledge about Ecosystems Journal Article
Teaching Through Trade Books: Flick a Switch Journal Article
The Anthropocene: Human Impact on the Environment

This is an interactive simulation that students use to explore the impact humans have on the environment. Scientists have proposed a new epoch, the Anthropocene, due to all the recent changes. Students use this interactive "click to learn" simulation explore data on how human population growth, air pollution, agriculture, mining, water use, and other human activities impact the environment and will affect the fossil record.

Web Page
Why Did COVID-19 Cause Environmental Changes? Lesson Plan
Why Does Population Size Change? Lesson Plan
Why is the Monarch Butterfly Population Changing? Lesson Plan