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Guide teacher hasn't shifted to NGSS

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Margot Jacobs Margot Jacobs 650 Points

I am currently student teaching in the 6th grade. My students do experience science every day, but their teachers haven't shifted to the new NGSS standards. Does anyone have any tips on how to bring up/talk about this topic with my guide teacher?

SUZANNE BODWELL Suzanne Bodwell 120 Points

One way I would think about doing this is to simply ask when they think the Next Gen standards will be expected to be implemented in their district.  Bring it up as a general district question so that they don't feel like you are looking at their practices in a negative way.

Andy Amstutz andy amstutz 265 Points

As a veteran teacher of 22 years, I wouldn't bring it up.  You won't be teaching at your assigned school and I would guess you might come across as one of those "can change the world" student teachers (which is not a bad thing at all but way too often curmudgeony  veterans get this impression).  Be the amazing first year teacher and implement them when you land your first job.  Your administrator will be thoroughly impressed.

Julie Haynes Julie Haynes 495 Points

Maybe when you are on your own with the classroom you can design and teach a few lessons using NGSS. See what kind of liberties you can take. Student teaching is all about figuring out what works for you. Use it as an opportunity if you can.

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