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David Lewellyn David Lewellyn 45 Points

Since the last time I purchased microscopes for high school Biology, there has been an explosion of capabilities and a wide variety of costs.  I can buy two microscopes with the same capabilities from a well known supply company for $550, or on Amazon for $100.  Any thoughts or resources would be appreciated.  I have to make the selection rather quickly.  Dave L

Shari Hiltbrand Shari Hiltbrand 795 Points

Although I don't have a specific microscope recommendation, I would strongly recommend going through a known supply company because if anything goes wrong with the microscope or is wrong with it when you receive it, the supply company will honor warranties and customer service.  From experience, you don't always get what is shown on Amazon.  A very simple case in point, a book was ordered by a librarian at my school with a specific title on the scientific method but the inside of the book was not about the scientific method (something about banking).  Personally, I ordered some lip balm sunscreen that listed a certain collection of ingredients on the Amazon site, but what ended up coming had ingredients in it that aren't US-approved and the sunscreen didn't work as it was supposed to because it ended up having bergamot extract in it, which is a known photosensitivity ingredient and what I thought was impetigo caused by irritation from a snorkeling mask ended up being blisters and burns from the bergamot ingredient, resulting in a permanent problem with most lip balms/lipsticks. 

And customer service and support with something as intricate as a microscope are worth going with a known supply company. Plus I just did an Amazon search for a microscope I found on Carolina's site and it was the same price. If you have a question about the microscope, you can get ahold of someone at Carolina...good luck at Amazon.  And yes, I buy plenty of items from Amazon...just not specific science supplies where the particular quality matters.  

Lauren Cramer Lauren Cramer 2025 Points

Do you do any hands on work outdoors? If so, I just saw something in the exhibition hall at the NSTA and it was a microscope you can use on your cell phone. Here is a link:

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