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Amy Kelley Amy Kelley 2420 Points

I have recently created several STEM lessons.  One of the problems that I have with them is timing them correctly with my students.  I always work through the lesson myself and then allow extra time for students as they are completing.  The lessons still end up taking a lot longer than I expect.  I teach math and I love to incorporate other subject areas, but I am trouble timing lessons and keeping them within a specified time frame.  The STEM lessons always go over what I think they will take.  When I plan everyday lessons, I do not have this problem.  Does anyone have any suggestions?

Shannon Sommer Shannon Sommer 1470 Points


I am following your post because I have the same issue! I am trying to implement STEM components into a 6th grade ELAR classroom and just never seem to have enough time to get through everything. I feel like by the time I teach the necessary Science and Math concepts there is not enough time for them to actively engage in the design process. And if I rush the concepts or just teach one or two elements of a concept to give them enough time for the design, I've really defeated the purpose of the STEM activity and ended up with a very 2 dimensional project. …I am also trying into integrate this into a relative Language Arts concept and between it all I just feel extremely rushed and disorganized.

I am quite interested to see what recommendations you receive and if I receive any information that might be helpful towards answering your question, I’ll be sure to let you know.

Best of luck and thanks for asking the question!

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