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Teaching Methods Asynchronously

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Cecilia Hernandez Cecilia Hernandez 2475 Points

I will be teaching my elementary methods course asynchronously in the spring and I am at a loss for how to structure it effectively. I have been teaching online with synchronous meetings this semester, but my students are struggling with understanding how to align the NGSS with their objectives and assessments. This is something I would normally walk them through by modeling instruction using the 5Es. Any suggestions?

Emily Faulconer Emily Faulconer 5755 Points

I teach in higher education so I have not specifically worked with aligning objectives with NGSS and coursework but this paper might have some ideas for you: 

Increasing Student Interactions With Learning Objectives

Sara Sawtelle Sara Sawtelle 375 Points

I am coming late to this party. However, I am always looking for ideas to get and perceive student interest and engagement asynchronously. I teach 7-12 science for an online campus division of our school district.   Would love ideas! Learning Objectives and Phenomena are two ideas I am planning with.

Cecilia Hernandez Cecilia Hernandez 2475 Points

Thank you Emily, the article was helpful in that it gave me some ideas for strategies I could use. 

I am a teacher educator in higher ed so I am teaching my students how to write lesson plans. Part of that process is learning how to align their learning objectives with the Standards and making sure that the assessments they create or use are also alinged. I normally do this as a classroom activity over a few weeks where I am able to answer questions and facilitate the process directly. I want to provide as much support as I can in this new learning environment without losing too much in the process.

Kunta Hutabarat Kunta Hutabarat 150 Points

I understand this topic has been a while, but I was wondering whether anybody is interested using an online tool that will put your lesson plan to a system that will support an asynchronous learning, including lesson slides and formative assessments where students can do it in self-pace manner. It is probably easier to explain it with a video, as in this link.  Will this work?

Mirtas Roes Mirtas Roes 35 Points

My friend was just looking for this information. Thanks

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