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Activities for 3rd grade

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Alma Andrade Alma Andrade 760 Points

Hello, What are some good activities recommended when teaching the solar system for a group of 3rd graders?  Thanks

Flavio Mendez Flavio Mendez 51590 Points

Alma, Look here: Flavio.

Jessica Clickner Jessica Clickner 795 Points

I would also like to know about any activities related to the solar system. I am student teaching in a 3rd grade classroom currently.

Johanna Barrera Johanna Barrera 910 Points

Here's an website you can look into: Have fun!

Amanda Perez Amanda Perez 985 Points

A lesson on the solar system can be very fun. Why not watch a short clip on the Flocabulary website and also do an interactive lapbook.

Harry Mazurek Harry Mazurek 70 Points

? Other basic websites include

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