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Isabelle Gadberry Isabelle Gadberry 170 Points


I am an Elementary Education major. I really love the idea of each student having a science notebook to keep throughout the year. I feel like there are a lot of different things to have students do with these. Its a great way to practice organization as well. I would like some tips on different things that you all have had your students do with them. I want to make it a very personal activity for the students. Please reply any ideas!

Thanks! Isabelle 

Hello Isabelle, I think that's a great idea. Have you heard about interactive notebooks? I know quite a few people who have their students keep interactive notebooks. I'm sure you can find plenty of information about them online. Regards,

Julia Copfer Julia Copfer 480 Points

I am an Elementary Education major as well completing my last semest of student teaching. I do love the idea of using interactive notebooks in the classroom. I had a professor who had us create a science interactive nootbook to show up how benefical it is for studnets. They are a great tool for children to practive organization, teaches studnet ownership, and the content is easy to reference. I had my students create an interactive notbeook for a small unit on habitats and I made it so the studnets could be creative when putting their information in it so it was personalized to them. They loved have it and were very proud of it and were egar to share with it with thier families. 

Mohamed A. Bereteh Mohamed A. Bereteh 50 Points

Thanks for updating me with classroom experience and the impact it creates on student learning.Sincerely,Mo-Alister Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

Jeannette Grout Jeannette Grout 390 Points

Another strategy you could possibly use is an online science journal. This could be a way to incorporate technology into your lessons. We did this in the biology class that I took. We recorded observations and took pictures, which we included in our online entries. Whether you have an online or a physical journal, you could have your students respond to a prompt. I am currently a teacher candidate, and in a lesson plan I made, I planned for students to write in their interactive science notebooks about what they had learned that day and about something they wondered about the topic. If the science notebook is a physical journal, you could have students draw pictures from your lessons, such as by drawing a picture of a flower or an insect you studied. This could also be a way to help students learn to pay attention to and record details. As my biology teacher pointed out, if you were studying a ladybug, you would want to note the number of spots. 

Madison Pottebaum Madison Pottebaum 1760 Points

I think interactive science notebooks are the best way to go! I was a student who didn't love science, but I loved to color and draw, so I would personalize things like my own science notebook to make it more my own! I think it works well with students being able to make it a little unique based on their personality, and they feel like they got some say in how it looks. Hope this helps!

Jeanette Saenz Jeanette Saenz 435 Points

Hello Isabelle,

I am currently an Elemetary education major as well. An interactive notebook would be really helpful for the students to have throughout the year. They can design it as their own and make it personal. They are always able to go back and look at prior work assingments. I had a professor who made our class create one and it kept our notes and references organized. However since we are having online classes you can have your students create a digital interactive notebook and it works the same as a regular notebook.I hope this helps, good luck

Gabriela Lazalde Gabriela Lazalde 600 Points

I am a student-teacher and one of my professors had us create an interactive notebook through OneNote. OneNote is a great way to keep things organized and my professor was able to push documents and pds into our notebooks with ease. I would reccomend it for students in 4th or 5th grade.

Stephanie Gomez Stephanie Gomez 390 Points

I don't have notebooks, but I do have my students keep a student protfolio in a file cabinet.  They select their best work to put in the folder.  I also have them select some work that they didn' t like doing or did not do well on and say why on a post it they stick on their work.  The portfolios are used later when there is a Back to School Night, Open House, parent-teacher conference or I write an IEP.  Because the students actively participate in selecting their work, they know exactly what I will be showing their parents.

Nicole Anthony Nicole Anthony 702 Points

I am a student-teacher as well, I love the idea that Cheryl had with using the interactive notebooks in the classroom. I agree with you about how this science notebooks are a great tool and helps students learn to be organized.

Jenna Vojtisek Jenna Vojtisek 1460 Points

Interactive science notebooks are a great way for students to show their learning and for you to check student understanding! I used ISN in a science unit about structure and function and the students were able to create drawings, take notes, and just write down anything they think they needed to remember. You can make them yourself with guidance in them, or you can just have students use a plain notebook, both work just fine! I printed off notebooks for my students and had guiding questions for them to answer it in throughout the unit. I had a professor that had us use plain notebooks and they assigned each page a different role. 

Jordan Downing Jordan Downing 320 Points


I am a future science teacher as well. I have thought a lot about using a science notebook in my future classroom. In one of my education classes, we just completed a reading that mentioned some of the benefits of having the students keep a science notebook. A couple of the benefits that I really thought were valuable were, one, how the science notebook gives the student a sense of ownership in the class and, two, how they can be used for a quick assessment to see how well the students are doing. I think that the science notebooks are a great idea! It is exciting to think about all the fun things you will get to do in your classroom!

Matthew Sauls Matthew Sauls 40 Points

I have been teaching science for 8 years and we have always used a science notebook. One piece we added last year were colored tabs for each unit we studied. We would print a page with main topic points, diagrams, and vocabulary that the students needed for that unit and the rest of the year. The students would then color the part of the page that stuck out so they could find it easier. This is not the newest idea out there but it really helped our kids. -- *Matt Sauls | Advisory, Wrestling, and Boys Cross Country* *Fossil Hill Middle School* *P: 817-744-3050 | F: 817-744-3138* CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE: This e-mail and attachments may contain privileged or confidential information. If this email is not addressed to you, promptly notify the sender and delete the message.

Emily Banken Emily Banken 590 Points

I think that a science notebook can be a great way for students to stay involved in the classroom and take ownership for their work. Students can learn a lot of skills by properly keeping a science notebook. Many teachers prefer for students to keep a notebook that they write in by hand. Unfortunately, during this time of online learning that might not be possible. What resources do you use to keep a science notebook? 

Rachel Schermerhorn Rachel Schermerhorn 275 Points

I love the idea of keeping a science notebook. Especially in elementary, there are so many things that kids will notice that older students take for granted. Allowing students to have a continued record and a specific place for them to express curiosity is an amazing way to structure thinking. 


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