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How to increase student creativity in Science?

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Cole Longo Cole Longo 315 Points

Hi everyone,

How can we bring/ influence more creativity into the classroom when teaching elementary Science? And should we encourage or discourage technology to aid in creativity in the classroom?

Josie Asklund Josie Asklund 2755 Points

Hello! I'm Josie and I'm a preservice teacher at the University of Northern Iowa. During my time as an emerging educator, I took a class called Arts Integration, which focused on bringing the arts into content driven lessons to boost creativity and learning! Our content focus was science, specifically focusing on ecology and keeping our planet healthy and clean. I co-taught in a group to 1st grade students, and one of our lessons we did was centered around the 3R's. We showed the students a fun video that we discussed, we let the students explore items they might have at home or in school that can be recylced like juice containers, newspaper, and pop cans. After we did this we used some of the items that we brought to 'reuse' to make puppets of fish, since the students said that a lot of our trash ends up in the ocean and it affects the fish and turtles living there. The students were very engaged in this lesson because they were able to explore and create something of their own. We even used the puppets and performed a small Reader's Theater about the importance of recycling! Using the arts, even as just an engaging start to your lesson, can really make a difference in your content lessons. 

Ashley Canny Ashley Canny 1480 Points

I agree with the arts integration idea. This gives students multiple outlets of creativity that fits their personal learning style. Also incorporating activities that appeal specifically to the 7 types of learning styles (Visual-Spatial, Auditory-Musical, Linguistic, Kinesthetic, Logical-Mathematical, Social-Interpersonal, Solitary-Intrapersonal). Depending on how you are using the technology in the classroom, I believe it should be encouraged. However, it is important to remember there's a time and place for it. 

Alyssa Jannello Alyssa Jannello 5155 Points

Hello. I am currently and Early Childhood/ Elementary Education major. One way teachers can influence creativity in the classroom is by providing students the chance to state their opinions and ideas while teaching elementary science. Young students burst with energy and are full of ideas. When teachers give them that opportunity to express their thoughts, it allows students to think in a more creative way especially when teaching science; a subject where students are fascinated about it. Also technology should be encouraged in the classroom to help aid creativity in the classroom. Students today know more about technology then teachers do. With students expressing their creative side with technology, it allows the teacher and students to view and create creative ideas from a different perspective. Students engage more when technology is used as visual learning and can benefit creative thinking in the classroom. 

Lauren Gootee Lauren Gootee 1615 Points


I took a class at my college called Arts Integration. We were highly encouraged and taught how to incorporate the arts across the curriculum because it keeps students engaged while also teaching them very valuable skills. Allowing them to create a skit, song, dance, or visual art piece about a specific topic will make it more fun for them to learn because I know science isn't everyone's favorite subject. I also think technology should be encouraged in the classroom as long as it's being used in the correct way. Students know so much about technology and there are many interactive apps that you can allow your students to use. 

Bianca Loya Bianca Loya 1830 Points

I see several people mentioned Arts integration. Any time the student has the opportunity to use art in the classroom is great. Often times those programs are cut or limited. I think science is one of the subjects that has great potential for integrating several other subjects and art. reflecting on my own experience, any time we got to explore new materials and do experiments in the classroom! I loved it! 
In regards to technology, I think it is such a great tool. we can find just about anything with technology.

here are a few videos about arts and science


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