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Human Impact on Earth's Spheres 5th grade

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 Tracey Williams 407 Points

I will be teaching about the human impact on Earth's spheres between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  As we all know this is a rather crazy time for elementary students.  There are so many things going on.  I would appreciate suggestions on activities that will grab and keep my students' attention.  Would love to come up with some seasonal literature or activities.  Focus on winter, not so much the holidays as I have students who do not celebrate Christmas.

Victoria Krauss Victoria Krauss 1605 Points

Hey Tracey, 5th grade can be kind of tricky to keep on track. That is a really tough time to keep the kids engaged, I wish you luck with that! Maybe getting an idea of what the students like to know about their community will help? IF they are in the city, or a more urban environment in general, they might be more interested in learning how the cities impact earth's spheres, and if they are in a more rural area, then learning more about the impact they have on the world might help. Trying to keep things relevant to the students tends to help keep students attentions on the lesson. After a quick google search, I found a few things that might help, although I was have a hard time finding anything specific to winter time. Anyone else have any suggestions?

 Tracey Williams 407 Points

Thank you Victoria. I noticed the acid rain link on beyondweather is no longer valid. I have seen this with several acid rain links, including an Appalachian Trail segment from National Geographic. Acid rain is mentioned in several spots in our county curriculum documents, but I am wondering if it is not as big of a focus at this time? Just an oddity.

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