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Cecilia Hernandez Cecilia Hernandez 1460 Points

Has anyone used the Lesson Study approach to teaching lesson planning in your elementary science methods course? If so, what did you find was beneficial and challenging?

I am considering this form of instruction this semester.

Steven Rogg Steve Rogg 620 Points

Good for you! I've used Lesson Study as "Collaborative Lesson Research" (Takahashi & McDougal, 2016) with previous elementary science methods classes as a way to practice the profesional inquiry we preach. However, I know that the real power will be when we have cooperating teachers who practice CLR wihtin their PLCs supported (trust and time!) by the school's admininstration. There are strong schools in Chicago affiliated with the Lesson Study Alliance, supported at the school and CPS district, but not (yet) near me. This term, I am piloting use of LessonNote iPad app (born from lesson study) during clinical service. My expectation is that the instrument will help develop skill in observing evidence of students' grappling and learning. This even dovetails with edTPA for us. We will see!

Takahashi, A., & McDougal, T. (2016). Collaborative lesson research: Maximizing the impact of lesson study. ZDM, 48(4), 513–526. https://doi.org/10.1007/s11858-015-0752-x

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