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Energy Lesson Plan for Heat, Light, and Sound

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Kayla Henderson Kayla Henderson 755 Points

I team taught this lesson in a 3rd grade classroom and they had a wonderful time interacting with the centers and getting out of their seats to complete the activities. They create a lap book surrounding these three forms of energy and experience the forms through 3 student-led centers and 1 teacher-led center. This fosters independence within the students who can self-regulate their actions and handle their behavior to create a higher level of learning. 

Kathy Nguyen Kathy Nguyen 1015 Points

Thank you for posting such a wonderful lesson!

Pamela Dupre Pamela Dupre 92369 Points

This is a great lesson! You are so awesome to share. I would even do this with 4th and 5th graders as a pre-assessment to determine prior knowledge and any misconceptions. Thank you!!!!

Laura Cruz Laura Cruz 1320 Points

Thank you for posting up this lesson on here. Glad your students enjoyed it, it will be very helpful to get ideas from this lesson.

Alexis Hartzell Alexis Hartzell 2405 Points

I love that you posted your lesson on here! I enjoyed reading it and stored in away in my file of lesson plans to use in my future classroom!

Sherita Celestine Sherita Celestine 730 Points

This is such a great lesson! Thank you for sharing, I can definitely see myself using this lesson in my classroom in the future.

Amy Villanueva Amy Villanueva 1050 Points

I love this lesson! I'm a student teacher teaching 3rd grade science and I would love to implement this lesson in my future classroom. I know for a fact that my students would enjoy it. Very student-centered and catered to students' interests.

Karmen Jones Karmen Jones 835 Points

What an awesome lesson! I teach 4th grade math and science and just finished our unit on energy forms. I had them complete table explorations and included objects they had to discuss within their table groups and classify which form of energy or energies it represented.

Vanessa Cerrato Vanessa Cerrato 800 Points

This is a great lesson! When lessons are hands on, students have so much fun and learn more effectively. This is something I would love do as a future teacher!

Ariel Gordy Ariel Gordy 1175 Points

This is a really interesting lesson! I like the different center ideas that you used!

Claudia Penaranda Claudia Penaranda 950 Points

WOW, thank you so much for sharing!!

This is such a great lesson for the early years! I look forward to incorporating this lesson in my future classroom!

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