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Next Generation Science Standards

NGSS Alignment and what to report out?

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Michael Mohammad Michael Mohammad 140 Points

Hello, My district is beginning the alignment process to NGSS this summer. We are currently working on revising our UbD's for course science classes K-12. One of our ultimate district mandates is to have 5-7 reportable standards on a grade report. As to this mandate I was looking for guidance as to what the community thinks would be more feasible as a report out. Should we be looking at Science & Engineering Practices, DCI's, Cross-cutting concepts, or 2D Targets, or 3D targets.  As we are very early in the process, I'm not sure what would be best to propose. I was wondering if any one had experience or suggestions that I should put forward to my district administration. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you so 

Steven Autieri Steven Autieri 844 Points

Hello, we have had a similar discussion and believe the best way to approach this may be reporting out the Science and Engineering Practices since they closely mirror the 21st Century Learning Skills. We brainstormed creating self-reflection forms that students could complete to track their progress.

Michael Mohammad Michael Mohammad 140 Points

Thank you Steven, This makes sense as we continue to move towards mastery skills applicable to processes as opposed to mastery of specific knowledge. Sounds interesting. This is quite a daunting task. But very exciting!

Ling Xu Ling Xu 6458 Points

too difficult,,,I hope you can find the answer,,,,great luck

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