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LaToya Pugh LaToya Pugh 6580 Points

We talk a lot about ensuring that science is rigorous. We want to ensure that the learning goals that we set for students are rigorous.  However, What does rigor look like in science? What are the components of rigor in science? Is there a document per NGSS or anything that outlines what rigor is in science?

Jaime Rechenberg Jaime Rechenberg 285 Points

To meet the needs set fourth by the NGSS and Framework, science learning objectives must be written in 3 dimensional language (similar to a performance expectation-PE). The science and engineering (SEP) aspect of the learning objective will ensure the students are DOING science, the DCI component will elude to the content they are working within while DOING science , and the crosscutting concepts will provide a lens of connection which allows the student to understand at a deeper level. This embeds rigor! To make sure that students are working within their grade level expectation for each of the three dimension, it is important to continually reference the progressions matrices in the appendices (appendices E,F,G in the NGSS). Hope this helps.

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