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The Evolution of Technology in the Classroom

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Therese Lapierre Therese Lapierre 315 Points

How have you seen technology change in education, and what are some of the pros and cons of using technology in the classroom?

Mirella Moody Mirella Moody 490 Points

Hello Therese, 

My name is Mirella and I used to be a paraprofessional last year at an elementary school. Technology has changed so much in education compared to when I was in Elementary. Now every student had an assigned ipad in the classroom with their name and credentials that they were able to use on iPad time with apps that the school would allow them to use. Not only did they have iPad time where they were free to use whichever app they liked but they would also do lessons on there based on what they were currently learning in the classroom at the time, which I thought was awesome. One con I would say there was though was that some students did not know how to use the app where they had to do their assignment on so sometimes it would take more time for us to finish up with every student as we would have to work one on one with a couple of students. Other than that I believe there are a lot more pros than cons when it comes to using technology in the classroom as it has become a lot more advanced. 

Cala Beltz Cala 50 Points

Technology has been a huge adjustment and has been something to get used to. But there are so many resources we can use online to have diversity and differenciation in the classroom. There are so many ways we can teach students as well like nearpod or canva or flipgrid.

Mikayla Prusha Mikayla Prusha 1155 Points

Hey Mirella!

Do you think that there was an overuse of technology in your classroom? Do you think the students would benefit from fewer screens in the classroom? I would agree that there are a lot of pros to technology and that it can really help in the classroom, but I am worried that we may take it too far and have too many electronics being used in the classroom. 

Maria Valverde Maria Valverde 120 Points

Hello Mirella,


Personally, I believe there are may benefits to technology in the classroom. It can increase student engagement, support collaboration, allows creativity, accomodates different style of learners and it is future focused. Like all things, there needs to be a balance in terms of how much technology is used within the classroom. I see technology as a resource, not a hinderance, and for me it is important that I model how to use technology as a tool that supports learning. When students have access to technology, they are a part of a global community. With guidance, students can learn to research and become critical thinkers. They can share ideas with others around the world, as well as learn from others around the world. As teachers, it is our responsibility to facilitate proper use of technology (copyright laws, red flag websites etc.,). The generation of children being born now are called Alpha generation. They are children born at a time when technological devices are getting smarter, everything is connected, and the physical and digital world are coming together. As they grow up, new technologies will become part of their lives, their experiences, their attitudes and their expectations of the world. How we frame it, is based on our personal background and for some individualts, they believe in traditional methods of teaching.

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