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Teaching ELLs Space and Science

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Jennie Chen Jennie Chen 500 Points

What is the best method or resource I should obtain in order to teach ELLs the concept of Earth and space? What are some STEM activities that I can use to help students that are below grade level and struggle with the English language being a beginner ELL? I can give them pictures and definitions, but are there more efficient ways to get them to grasp the concepts with hands-on activities?

Karina Gonzalez Karina Gonzalez 6065 Points

What about if you play some games with them that integrate both language learning and science vocabulary? on this website it allows you to make your own bingo games where you put the vocabulary and then clues and it creates the game for you! Or, you can split the class into groups and assign each a planet, after researching their planet (on the computer and library) they can share their findings with the classroom and have students write the information they learned in their science journals. You can have them create a posterboard of their planets (not with any information on it just a picture of their planet and maybe a nice background). Once every group has presented the information they learned about assigned planets and created their poster board you can hand out post its to each group with information about the different planets. By using the information they learned from their classmates and wrote in their journal they will have to match the post its with the corresponding planets. Once everyone has placed their post its you can have a class discussion about each and clear up any misconceptions. Just an idea, hope it helped! Have a nice Thanksgiving!

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