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Adriana Sanchez Adriana Sanchez 55 Points

Hi everyone, I was wondering if there is any ideas on a good classroom setup for new teachers? Any recommendations on where to set up library placements, calendars, vocabulary words, teacher desk around the room. Should we set up a theme around the classroom or keep it simple and organized?

Sunny Plas Sunny Plas 20 Points

Hi Adriana ! I am on my way to become a teacher, but I recently had a discussion in class about classroom environment. I'm not sure what age you will be teaching, but classroom circles are always important, whether that be a large area rug or desks that can easily be put in a circle. In my ideal classroom, I would have my desk at the front with a large area rug nearby, a reading corner with comforable chairs (bean bags), any type of shelving pushed to the wall so children are always visible, and classroom expectations hung up in the front. I would keep more of a simple theme and hang up childrens work, but when seasons hit decorate accordingly. 

Madison Stone Madison Stone 915 Points

Hey, Adriana! Classroom setup can be overwheling but it is a really fun part of becoming a teacher! I look forward to getting in my classroom and decorating it every year! I think the classroom setup depends on the grade you teach. I teach kindergarten, so I enjoy having a colorful and simple classroom theme. I have had the theme 'colors' over the past few years and it makes my room bright and cheerful! I also decorate it for the seasons, holidays, and special weeks (like homecoming and Dr. Seuss week). I think it is very important to display student work so they can be proud of it. I usually use my longest/biggest board to display students work. I also like to put my word wall/vocabulary words below my white board so my kids can see it easily and use it for their writing. I have my teacher desk in the back because I am rarely at it, but it faces out so I can still see my students if I am there. When it comes to books, I have two sets. I have some books for my students to read and some that I read to them that go with a specific unit or that are above their reading ability. I like to sort my books by themes so my students can find books they are interested in. There are lots of great ideas on Pinterest and Instagram! 

Kelsey Funkhouser Kelsey Funkhouser 1280 Points

Hello Adriana! I like how you are curious about your future classroom set up because this is something I am personally very excited about doing in my future classroom. I think you will be able to decide where you feel everything should go with the required feild experience, looking into other teachers classrooms to get a feel of how other teachers set theres up, in order to see what you feel works best with the students. I also feel that we as teachers may need to change our classroom set up each year to fit our students different needs. I also think having a theme in my classroom is something I will definetly be doing!

Olivia Phillips Olivia Phillips 450 Points

Hi all! I am Olivia, a sophomore in college. I am also wondering what the best classroom set-up is for a high school science classroom? Are more teachers a fan of pods? Or do some treachers like more singular desks to ensure everyone is on task?

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