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Science Assessments for ELL students

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Rebeca Diaz Rebeca Diaz 2450 Points

Hello, I wanted to know what are some fun science assessments that can be helpful for ELL students? I can't seem to find many resources related to science assessments for ELLs. Is it better to modify the assessment given to the class for the ELL student or create a new assessment?

Emily Faulconer Emily Faulconer 5755 Points

NSTA has resources you may find useful:

Chloe Robello Chloe Murphy 715 Points

Hi Rebeca, I am currently a pre service teacher but I am enrolled this semester actually in a class all about ELL students and how to teach them. I also have a couple students this year that are ELLs and I think giving them an assessment different from other students makes it harder for them to scoialize between peers. It may also make them feel pointed out. I think the best way to do assessments is through conversations. I typically try and make conversation with my ELLs students everyday so I can see what they are understanding and not udnerstanding. Also pinterest has alot of good games that the whole class can participate in yet while they play you can just assess the students that are ELLs. A lot of the games have patterns or pictures so they are able to catch on. My ELL teacher says that conversation is always the first thing they are able to pick up in english so maybe even having a conversation with them while the other students are busy doing busy work may help. 

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