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Ecouraging parents to support science learning outside of the classroom

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Sarah Pack Sarah Pack 254 Points

I find that many students struggle with science because it is difficult and also they have no one to turn at home when they struggle with science. As a teacher, I can only help them so much, but if they are studying at home or completeing homework, most parents aren't fluent enough in science to help. What are some ways that I can encourge parents to participate in science activities with their children? 

Camillia Ledbetter Camillia Ledbetter 795 Points


It might be interesting to challenge students to teach the content at home! Have the students create some sort of teaching component (diagram, sketchnotes, worksheet) and challenge them to teach the content to a family member. After all, teaching is one of the best learning tools. Then, maybe they could take it a step further with a science activity at home.

Kyli Bumbray Kyli Bumbray 1708 Points


I completely agree with what you are saying! Science is not a subject that many people love or think that they can successfully do, so it is hard to get people (parents) to engage in science if they do not have to. I think one way to get parents involved is to send out a calendar of science activites that you will be doing in the classroom and maybe having an open door policy where they can engage in the science if they want to. Along with this you could send directions home with the kids based on activities done in the class so they can show their parents how it is done, or the parents can decide to do it for themselves. It is hard to find involvment outside of the class but hopefully these ways are a start.

Lily Albertson Lily Albertson 520 Points

I think making it fun for all parties involved is key here. It could be as simple as them baking a cake to show chemical changes. Both the parents and students are stressed at a time like this so it is good to get some lightness in the atmosphere. I like what Kyli suggested about having the kids show the parents the activity. It requires minimal effort on the parent's part and also allows the students to express their knowledge on the topic at hand. 

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