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Grant Meth Grant Meth 410 Points

Hello  all, 

I am a preservice teacher at Wartburg college majoring in Physical Education with endorsements in Health and 5-12 Science. Since PE is my major, I am constantly trying to incorporate physical activity into my lesson plans and activities to help students learn about STEM topics. I have always enjoyed lessons that use kinesthetic learning because they can provide numerous ways to connect topics or recall concepts. For example, I am creating a lab for my physics class right now where students will measure the amount of force they generate when they jump. They will also measure the amount of force they have when they come back to the ground. The goal of the lab is to provide a critical thinking opportunity for the students and to practice calculating force using a real life situation. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas for lessons or lessons they have done that utilize kinesthetic learning to teach topics in any of the STEM fields?

Michelle Phillips Michelle Phillips 6915 Points

Hi Grant - What a great discussion you have started! 

Here is an article that might help you think of some ideas

There are so many ways to utilize kinethetic learning - I wonder if anyone has any ideas to share?

Brittany Wolford Brittany Wolford 1162 Points


What I think of when reading your post, is a lesson I have participated in as a preservice teacher, with the supervising teacher and 5th graders in my field placement. The topic was the solar system, and each student drew names of planets from a bowl (including the asteroid belt) the teacher was the sun, and each student (there were only 9 because of the way hybrid is set up here) lined up in order of distance from the sun. It wasn't really an experiment, but was done outside in a large grassy area and followed the 5E steps. The students orbited around the sun and they later learned about orbit, and other vocabulary and concepts associated with the standard. Hope this is a helpful idea!

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