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Dianey Morua Dianey Morua 590 Points

What is the best way in which younger students learn science? (Books, videos, hands on)

Raegan Barrett Raegan Barrett 640 Points

Hi Dianey. I am student at Wartburg College studying Elementry Education. Books, viedeos, and hands are all great options. The only thing that I would say is if they are watching a viedo is to make sure that it is not to long because they might get board fast if it is to long. Students also that are younder get very engage and excited with things that are hands-on when it come to science.

Kristin Preast Kristin Preast 1670 Points

I would use a combination of reading books to them, showing short videos, using interactive experiments on websites, and hands on. This way they can learn and actually see things happen. Also with hands on they can be actual little scientists.

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