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Mystery Bag Engineering Challenges for Kids

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Betty Paulsell Betty Paulsell 48560 Points

Here is a great website with engineering challenges for young kids.

Marissa Garcia Marissa Garcia 1620 Points

Thank you for sharing this post! Very interesting!!

Cinthia Rodriguez Cinthia Rodriguez 4505 Points

Thank you for posting, very fun activity to do with kids.

Chelsea Wessels Chelsea Wessels 1585 Points

Thank you so much for posting this link! I am excited to try this in my classroom.

Alexia Lopez Alexia Lopez 140 Points

WThanks for the link! This is a great activity for students to be creative and use their problem solving skills. This activity also helps the students understand more what engineering it's about which is great because they get to know the different branches of science .

Tegan Collier Tegan Collier 5475 Points

Thanks for sharing!

Sheila Falgout Sheila Falgout 900 Points

The two challenges provided on this website are excellent for elementary students to encourage many important skills such as creative problem solving, measuring, and spacial relationships. I look forward to doing these with my students.

Tara Cuzzart Tara Cuzzart 1055 Points

This is a great website! I like that you can give students materials and have them build with using just those materials. It would be neat to see what their imagination would have in store for them.

Serena Dhukka Serena Dhukka 1630 Points

Great resource! Thanks for the ideas!

Zaira Trevino zaira trevino 1255 Points

This is very interesting. I think that these are very good hands on activities that we could maybe use in workstations to enrich a students knowledge. It is also a great way to help introduce students to engineering. Thanks for sharing!

Jane Savatski Jane Savatski 1265 Points

The activities look like that would be so engaging to elementary students. I would add some recording of data, - for example how far the pom poms went for each method/attempt. Then do some compare and contrast on best methods. Fun!

Ellen Thompson Ellen Thompson 2470 Points

Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to try some of the activities! Ellen

Karla Chance Karla Chance 260 Points

Thanks, I will share these with our PreK team. I know they will find the link valuable. Karla

Mikaela Bahlmann Mikaela Bahlmann 3195 Points

I explored this link a bit and think this would be so much fun! I am a student at the University of Northern Iowa about to enter into student teaching, and I think the idea of a mystery bag that incorporates engineering and measuring and mathematics. I remember putting together a marble maze in sixth grade, and while I had a lot of fun with it, it was a very challenging task and could definitely be altered to fit the elementary level.

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