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Incorporating Science in Other Subjects

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Adriana Adriano Adriana Adriano 210 Points

Most notably science is incorporated only through word problems in math or reading, so how could future teachers incorporate science in other subjects while making it interesting?

Pamela Dupre Pamela Dupre 92369 Points

I'm not really sure where you got this statement. Is this your observation/experience? I believe science is extremely interesting and fascinating and it is all around us. Remember as a child, going outside on a cold morning and being able to see your breath in the air? How does that happen? Science. How did you get to school today? Science! No matter if you walked, rode a bike, car, bus, or subway, you used some form of energy to get there. Take some time to explore the infinite resources here. There are journal articles, different collections, lesson plans, etc. If there is something specific you are looking for you can search the topic or ask in the forums.

Mary Bigelow Mary Bigelow 10275 Points

Rather than incorporating science into other subjects, perhaps another approach is to incorporate other subjects into science. For example, using math when graphing data, calculating averages or means, and measuring. Using readings to find information about the current science topic, reading maps, interpreting graphs or tables, writing summaries, recording observations, sketching, etc. As Pamela said, science is interesting and fascinating to students. Using math and reading skills within the context of science shows students the value and usefulness of these skills. Mary B

Brittney Just Brittney Just 743 Points

I like this idea.  This way students are getting the science content they need but also using the reading and math skills that are so important.  

Jacob Shaw Jacob Shaw 440 Points

Personally, I think that many of the different subejct areas are able to be found and incorporated within each other often. While yes, you do often find science in word problems, there are other examples out there too. For example, the numbers that come from your observations in science are math. What you do with those numbers is math; such as finding the average or median of the heights of different plans for example. For social studies, you can talk about the history of science and how it has changed, or who some key scientists are. This can also tie into language arts by doing some sort of reading comprehension or writing assignment to go along with it. The key is getting your students to see that science is actually all around us, even more than we think!

Elly Kumbusky Elly Kumbusky 200 Points

My classroom doesn't have a designated time for science, so my cooperating teacher and I try to incorporate science into other content areas as much as possible. We find that it is pretty easy to incorporate science concepts into their writing time, and do that often. A few weeks ago, our writing topic was about the weather. Students had to make observations about the weather, use descriptive language, and predict what they thought the weather would be like the following day. The next day, students established if their prediction came true or not. There are many ways you can incorporate science into other areas, you just have to be creative! 

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