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Teaching Science and the Real World

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Olivia Phillips Olivia Phillips 345 Points

Hi all, I am Olivia Phillips, and I am a sophomore in college. I am in a science methods course learning to become a science teacher. I have had effective teachers in the past, but my goal is to become an effective teacher of my own. What are some methods to incorporate science connections to the real world for students? It can be hard to get kids to "like" science, and I am wondering how to try and get past that. I want to know ideas to help students want to learn science! 

Thank you

Kelsey Funkhouser Kelsey Funkhouser 825 Points

Hi Olivia! 

I am also a student in college and studying to become a teacher! I think some ways to connect science to the real world could be by having students do a scavenger hunt where they could find different rocks, plants, or even animals that they see around the school. Then you could have the students come inside and you could create the entire scavenger hunt into a different lesson about either plants, rocks, or animals. This way students would feel connected to the lesson and understand that the things they are learning about are always around them! 

Olivia Phillips Olivia Phillips 345 Points


Thank you for your creative suggestion! I will definately keep it in mind. Do you by chance have any other ideas reguarding chemistry? Thanks!

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