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Creating a Good Stem Project

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Aisha McLaughlin Aisha McLaughlin 345 Points

Lets first start with what STEM means. Stem stands for science, technology, engineering, and math. So as long as you intertwine two or more of these learning areas, you should have a good STEM project. STEM projects usually focus on solving a problem and can be based on real-world applications. Almost every good science or engineering project is really a STEM activity because you have to pull from different resources to complete it. Results happen when many different factors fall into place. Technology and math are also important to include in the concept of STEM whether it’s through research or measurements.

Kaley Jackson Kaley Jackson 1145 Points

Great reminders! Thank you for sharing your perspective. 

Lauren Cramer Lauren Cramer 2025 Points

Very true. My favorite project I do with my students involves identifying a problem within an ecosystem, researching, analyzing data and creating a tech solution to the problem. It is always a huge hit and the kids learn so much!

Robyn Soronow Robyn Soronow 13665 Points

Thank you for this post. I think you have some great perspectives about STEM. Solving a problem can involve all four of these topics, or just one or two. A good science or engineering activity, that integrates two or more aspects of STEM, will help students develop as learners. 

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