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Finding Funding for Science experiements

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Adriana Yanez Adriana Yanez 420 Points

Hello my name is Adriana Yanez! I am a college student studying to become a bilingual elementary teacher and my question is how do teachers find the funds to facilitate hands on science experiements. Are there any resources that any current teachers recommend using when school funding has run out for science supplies. Thank you!

Mikayla Prusha Mikayla Prusha 1175 Points

Hey Adriana,

I am also a preservice teacher and trying to get enough funds to support a classroom can be difficult. There can be a lot of resources around your community such as stopping into local shops and ask for their cardboard or any unused supplies they won't need. Letting people know you are a teacher can also help. You can go to upcycle centers, go to local grocery stores and ask for expired or not usable supplies. You could also ask other local teachers to borrow their resources. When you send out your welcome letter to parents you could attach a wishlist to the bottom to amazon, target, etc. You can also post on facebook community groups letting them know you are a teacher and if they have any recommendations or supplies they don't need to let you know. 

Emma True Emma True 950 Points

Hello, Adriana! 

I am also a preservice elementary teacher. Based on things that I have learned from classes that I am taking now, or have previously taken, I would reccomend reaching out to other teacher's for help. You can reuse already purchased supplies from other classrooms, or you can always apply for grants. I understand that funds may be difficult to achieve, but it is also important to maintain a creative mindset with what you have already! It may be inconvenient, but there are a lot of different resources within the school that may be accessible. Students will recieve whatever they get, so it is important as the teacher to have the mindset that you can do anything with what you believe you can do. 

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