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Cori Lyn Shikuma Cori Lyn Shikuma 1175 Points

If any of you are interested in a good video to explain the Mars Landers/Rovers there is a good video on Discovery Education. I used it together with a Science Inquiry Lab that I did with my 4th graders. They loved it! We used a raw egg as the rover and they had to come up with designing their own lander to protect the rover (egg), they were given a set amount of materials and had to drop it off a 2 story building. If any of you want more details let me know! The video is called "Mars Exploration Rovers".

James Arimond James Arimond 22395 Points

The website has a number of excellent videos about the Curiosity rover which is scheduled to launch 11/26/2011 atop an Atlas V rocket.

James Arimond James Arimond 22395 Points

I was at Kennedy Space Center on Saturday to watch the launch of the Mars Science Laboratory. The successful launch of the Atlas V rocket with a Centaur second stage was beautiful. Landing on Mars is expected to take place August 5, 2012.

Patricia Reid Patricia Reid 1850 Points

Isn't it great what the rover has done since it landed on Mars! I am keeping up with it and it is surprising what the engineers can do here to send the directions on Mars. Can't wait to see what else it does. I'll be checking out the videos on the nasa website.

Erik Belcher Erik Belcher 840 Points

The images that are are available on NASA website from Curiosity are amazing. The website is Showing the images to students is a great way to get students excited about learning science and mathematics.

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