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Teaching Lab Safety to Students

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Elizabeth Steele Elizabeth Steele 445 Points


    My name is Lizzy and I am a preservice teacher in Maryland. I am looking for fun and creative ways to teach students about lab safety. Have you ever used a fun video, song, or interactive activity of some kind to teach lab rules and safe practices to students? I would love to hear about it! Thank you!

            Lizzy Steele 

Sharon Low Sharon Low 696 Points

Hi Lizzy! 

Here's a fun video I found on Youtube that teaches basic lab safety through a fun song. I think this would be great for elementary or early middle school students. You can also do a matching worksheet where you have one column of situations and then another column with the safety procedures. Then the students match the correct safety procedure to the accident. Acting out the different scenarios and what to do would help too. Hope this helps!


Lab Safety Vid - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tsAHt0FiwNM&pbjreload=10

Michelle Biddinger Michelle Biddinger 405 Points

Hey Lizzy,

It is very important to discuss lab safety with students because one of the main priorities that educators have is to keep students safe.  One activity that you can do is have students create a safety poster that can be hung in the classroom.  Many children love to express themselves through art; therefore, this will allow them to be creative while still learning a very important concept.  Furthermore, hanging their posters on the wall will allow them to refer to them throughout the school year.  Another fun way to teach lab safety is to display images of classrooms or students that are not displaying accurate lab safety.  Here, students will have to identify the safety hazard and then say how it can be corrected.  Finally, if applicable, you could invite a real scientist into your classroom to discuss lab safety with your students.  Having visitors in the classroom is always fun and exciting for students of any age.  Furthermore, it really authenticates the importance of lab safety.   


Rachel Stagner Rachel Stagner 215 Points

I like to show students this video: Hank Green Safety Video.

Also, a fun way is to give them the rules and have them each make a skit about it.  What right/wrong actions look like and what might happen.

I've also done a safety briefing for them about the safety features of the classroom like a steward would on an airplane to make it fun.


Amanda Luis Amanda Luis 1430 Points

Hi Lizzy! I think a fun interactive way would be to ask students what they believe are some safety rules that should be followed. Students could be placed in groups of 4 and brainstorm ideas, then select one student to voice all of their ideas. This way you can gauge students knowledge of the rules and they're involved in an activity rather than having someone list all the rules to them. 

Gabriella Fiorino Gabriella Fiorino 395 Points


I think I found a great video that brings a fun song into the classroom while also teaching them abotu safety. I think lab safety is a great topic to discuss because it is often looked over. If you pair it with a group activity of what to do and what not to do when at a lab station, the class can work together to know and remember the rules of the classroom!


Here is the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tsAHt0FiwNM

Alejandra Gonzalez Alejandra Gonzalez 480 Points

Hi there!

Like everyone else has metioned, it is very important to talk about lab safety and how this conversation benefits teachers and students. Talking about lab safety brings awareness to the students that there can be hazards when conducting an experiment and to prevetn the hazards, the students must follow all safety procedures and wear the proper safety wear. We all know that students hate talking about rules but a great way to make this conversation fun and engaging is by playing a video! This video is pretty funny for students to watch since the video is a rap song about lab rules https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BRDApYgvDqQ . You can also use the smartboard (if you have access to one) that plays animations of students in a classroom not following the lab rules and have them idenfity what they are doing wrong and what they should be doing instead. Another way to incorporate this idea is by having the students act it out also! 

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