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Grant Meth Grant Meth 280 Points

My name is Grant Meth and I am a preservice teacher at Wartburg College. I am a Physical education major with endorsements in 5-12 Science and Health. I am assuming that I will end up at a smaller school with the resume I am building. I have spoken with some other teachers who taught at rural, multiple county schools about what they had to do in remote learning. For example, he shared they had to take buses to all of the different towns with wifi hotspots for all of the students without internet access. 

I am just wondering what are some of the problems rural school districts have ran into with remote learning and the solutions that they have come up with for them? 

Michelle Phillips Michelle Phillips 480 Points

I have been teaching in rural schools now for 6 years. Access to internet is a real problem. We started by looking at the scale of the problem - how many students had devices? (not phones), how many students had access to the internet?. Once we had this data we worked with the community and the internet providers to raise enough money to get students each a device - iPads and MacBooks depending on grade level. Local community centers, stores, churches were all willing for our students to use an open Wifi at their sites - makes good business sense too. There were a few students who did not have internet and did not have transport - we found grant money to support these individuals to get Wifi into their homes. It is a community effort but there was a lot of support for the project and we are well on the way to ensuring equity of access for all our students. I wonder if there are other rural teachers who have other strategies that worked. 

Grant Meth Grant Meth 280 Points

Thank you for sharing! I think this really shows that it does take a village to raise a child. It is really nice to see that local businesses are willing to help students in any way that they can. I think it is really is amazing what is possible when an entire community pitches in to help all students learn and strive to reach their goals. 

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