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Micro STEM Fest Kit

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Kalani Eggington Kalani Eggington 80 Points

Hi there,

Just wanted to share with you about these cool Micro STEM Fest Kits we have developed for K-6 teachers to use with their students.  Teachers can borrow these kits through our university's lending library.  Each kit contains the materials and instructions for ten STEM stations.  Older grades can learn how each station works and can then host the Micro STEM Fest for the younger grades in the school gym.  Students and teachers love this cross-grade collaboration opportunity.  I'd be happy to share more about this with anyone who is interested.  

John Conrad John Conrad 166 Points

Hi Kalani,

I am very interested to learn more about your Micro STEM Fest Kits.  Could you please post some information that gives more detail about the contents?

I am trying to interest the K-12 community in the At Home Physics Lab Kits my Furman University students and I developed during the pandemic.  The early attempts can be seen in my Furman Physics YouTube Channel video At Home Physics Labs with Sphero Sensor Board. Based on those initial results, Sphero partnered with us to provide 44 Sphero Minis to the Furman Physics department.  You can view a quick overview of the project by watching the Furman Sphero Mini Sensor Board Project video. More detail is available in my blog, How to Use A Sphero Mini Sensor Board for First-Year Physics Labs. The technical details of extracting the physics sensor board from a Sphero Mini are presented in Physics Sensor Data Acquisition Tool From a Sphero Mini

Please tell me more about your work.  Maybe we could collaborate?

Mary Lynn Hess Mary Lynn Hess 12058 Points

Hi Kalani,

I'm also interested in more information. What university has the lending library.


Heidi McDaniel Heidi McDaniel 455 Points

Hello, Kalani - Do you have a link for your Micro STEM Fest Kits? I think this is something that would provide a great link between our Upper School STEM students and my Lower School STEAM students. 

I look forward to hearing from you!


Kathy Biernat Kathy Biernat 4755 Points

These sound pretty interesting! Can you share the website?



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