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Water cycle lessons

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Nick Paliswat Nick Paliswat 331 Points

I am student teaching 7th graders.  We just finished up learning about the  water cycle.  The students recieved lecture notes and got to work on some partner activities to work through the unit.  One highlight the students liked was building a 3-D water cycle model.  I am hoping to add some new innovative lessons for the future to add some inquiry and possibly 5E lessons to the unit.  If anyone has an idea feel free to share what you have done!

Alex Sudtelgte Alex Sudtelgte 2175 Points

Hi Nick,

Another thing that you could add to your water cycle unit could be how water gets to houses and businesses. In the past, I have brought students to my hometown's water treatment plant. They were given a tour of the plant and shown where their water comes from and how it is purified before it goes into the watertower and eventually people homes! During the tour, the water operators also explained what happens after water has been used. I feel like very few students learn about the process of how water gets to the tap. In addition to learning more about the water cycle, students will be more engaged as they are outside of their school setting. This field trip could also show students different careers they might not have thought about before. Water operators are in high demand right now due to an aging workforce, so while you're teaching about the water cycle a student might find a career they are interested in!

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