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I attened a middle school here in my town, and work with 6th graders who are interested in STEM-STEAM projects! We are running low on some ideas for them to create. What are some great/simple STEM-STEAM projects for them to do?

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Anne Hargis

Pre-Service Teacher

Wartburg College 

Pamela Dupre Pamela Dupre 92369 Points

Here is a great place to look:


Emily Faulconer Emily Faulconer 5755 Points

This blog has a lot of STEAM project ideas listed. NSTA's Learning Center also has some great resources. I used the search term 'STEAM'. Here are some of the resources on the first page of results that I thought you might find useful:

Emily Swearingen Emily Swearingen 210 Points

In my STEM class in college, we participated in a STEM project that revolved around gravity. We were introduced to the problem that two astronauts needed to land on the moon with a space craft designed by the students. The materials given were a foot of tape, two large marshmallows (to represent the astronauts), spaghetti noodles, a paper cup, and smaller marshmallows. The ship designed was to be dropped from 11 inches, 22 inches, and 33 inches without the two large marshmallows falling out. Here is a website with the project outlined!
This project is a low cost, but fun STEM project that can be related to gravity and moon technology. 

Rubi Oregon Rubi Oregon 105 Points

I attended an Imaginology fair in orange county (, in which a wide range of fun and educational hands-on activities were available to students during the event. The activities were designed to inspire and encourage academic and career exploration. On the event website, they provide educational materials that can be used in the classroom to support teachers in implementing STEM-STEAM projects. 

Centennial Farm-

Heroes Hall-

I hope these links are helfpul! 

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I agree that STEM is an important factor to have in the classroom! How do you think you will implement it in yours?

Shannon Sommer Shannon Sommer 1470 Points

I understand this is an older post but I am hoping somone out there might have some additional resources.  

I am interested in integrating STEM concepts into a mid-level ELAR classroom.  I am presently in the process of completing my Master’s in Elementary Education for 4-8 Certification in Social Studies and am taking Elementary STEM Teaching as part of my required curriculum.  I am somewhat new to the field of teaching and the teaching I do have experience in, is solely within the capacity of social studies and ELAR.  I do not have any college or professional background experience in Science, and I was completely inexperienced with STEM prior to my enrollment in the course. However, I have very much enjoyed the course and am very eager to integrate the concepts into my current ELAR 6th grade classroom. I have been actively seeking resources to assist me in effectively creating STEAM activities that might tie ELAR reading at the mid-level to specific concepts of Science and Math. 

I read the recommended article, Add More STEAM to Your Classes, but like most of the resources I have encountered- its purpose is to implement an art component to a Science Classroom, not specifially a Science and Math component to a Language Arts and Reading Classroom. 

Any suggestions someone might have would e greatly appreciated! 

Anne Marie Wotkyns Anne Marie Wotkyns 649 Points

Check out the Real World Science resources available through the National World War II Museum in New Orleans. Great activities with  real world and historical connections.

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