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Melissa Vega Melissa Vega Ramirez 2180 Points

How do you make those topics that are hard to learn fun and easy for your students?

Pamela Dupre Pamela Dupre 92369 Points

To make topics engaging, beging to build your own library of content- 'My Library', don't frontload lessons, do not define vocabulary, and start the new topic off with a phenomena. The 'fun' things are fun because the teacher makes them fun and exciting. Everything is not always easy. Student have to engage their brain and ask questions in order to understand the science. However, if you engage them at the beginning of a new topic, you might use a demonstration, or a video, and then ask them what questions they have, list those questions on the board or chart paper. Those questions will drive your instruction and root out misconceptions students have so you will know where to focus. 

There are so many resources here. When I first used the NSTA site, I just clicked on everything and explored until I found out what works for me. 

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