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Janie Alvarez Janie Alvarez 343 Points

Hi, good afternoon I was in search of help regarding the structure of simple virtual labs for elementary students resulting in the need where some parents need to teach within a certain time frame. While still keeping in mind that the lesson plans still need to be shown.

Paige Morrison Paige Morrison 385 Points

Hi, Janie! I am an elementary education pre-service teacher at Wartburg College and I actually just did some research on the website called I really enjoy this website because it is extremely interactive through its multiple simulations. There are so many simulations that there are opportunities for labs from kindergarten all the way to undergraduates! PhET simulations can be chosen from their website and utlized however best fits your classroom! I think that it is definitely a fun way to get minds going in an online environment! It is also a great way to show students real-life connections through the simulations they offer. 

Karen Ye Karen Ye 80 Points

I'm not sure what types of labs you're looking for, but here are two resources that may be of interest. Both utilize easy to find, everyday materials. 

  • The Snack Box series is designed for teachers and parents to provide STEM focused lessons or activities by grade level band (K-12). These are free for download via DigitalCommons.
    The new STEM a la Carte lessons are specific to grades K-5. 

Jordan Downing Jordan Downing 320 Points

Hi! My favorite labs for online learning are through PHET. It is a great resource that allows students to really interact with the concepts and reach a higher level of learning. A second one that I have found recently that is not as well known is one through pbs. I found it when I was looking for an online activity to plan. It is similar to phet, with lots of interactive lessons to choose from. 

Mary Edmonds Mary Edmonds 40 Points

I really like the PHET Simulations as well. One thing to consider when using them is that they work on your student's laptopns. In my county we can only run the html 5 versions. 

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