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Abril Mireles Abril Mireles 450 Points

Hello everyone, as a future educator I am excited to teach students and see what strategies/ techniques work the best in class however, I would like to ask what are some of the hardest and best things about teaching?  

Susana Valdivia Susana Valdivia 845 Points

I think personally the hardest thing is constantly finding new ways to engage and matin focus during class time. I don't think finding one strategy for matining focus and using it over and over again is effective, I think at one point it loses it's effectiveness. So you're always trying to find new ways to get their attention and keep them engaged and focused. But at the end of the day the best thing about teaching is seeing them grow in their understanding about a topic or hearing them talk to class mates about what they learned and seeing that they are really enjoying the class and learning. It's so rewarding seeing the growth from the start of the year to the end of the year. 

Jessica Patino Jessica Patino 580 Points

I think the hardest thing about teaching is sometimes the lack of resources. In some school districts, you want to go all out and take students on science trips that they would enjoy, but without the resources, engaging students seems hard. 

The best thing about teaching are building a relationship with all students, but especially that students who sometimes gives us a rough time, and in the end, they end up getting close to you and behaving well because they trust you. 

 Brittany Culp 120 Points

I think that it hard to engage all the students all the time because they all enjoy doing something else so throughout the school year I would choose a week for each student and find something that each student is interested in. 

Shayla Ball Shayla Ball 650 Points

I feel like this whole year with Covid has been the hardest thing. It is hard to keep the students motivated and keep them on task. They want to just do things on their own and not really want to interact with each other. The best thing though, is trying to do activities that the students have interest in, they get all excited. I also think having good attention grabbers is a fun way to get student attention!

The hardest thing about teaching is that your day never ends.  When you are a teacher, you are also on the lookout for ways to motivate and support your students.  But that can also be the best thing about teaching, as you become a practitioner always working to improve your craft, knowledge, and opportunities.  Remember the best strategies and techniques for one student may not work for all students.  Teaching and learning happens people to people, day to day, moment to moment.  Welcome future educator.


Be sure to check out your Science and Children journal for ideas, inspirations, and support.

Alicia Koszyk Alicia Koszyk 600 Points

One thing I have noticed in my fieldwork, is that the teacher uses attention grabbers for her chatty class. 

Here are some examples: 

Ex: Teacher says, student says

Hocus Pocus, everybody focus!

Holy Mole, Guacmole. 

Class Class, Yes yes

Katie Weldy Katie Weldy 160 Points

Since being in my fieldwork, I have noticed that the most challenging thing is to get the students attention and keeping them engaged becasue most of them are wanting to be social with their peers. I have noticed that different teachers use different strategies to get their students attention. I am curious to see what others have to say about the most challenging thing about teaching.

Brenna Egendoerfer Brenna Egendoerfer 410 Points

I am also a future educator but I have seen many things in my field experience. One thing that sticks out to me is keeping the class focused. I think the key is to not have long drawn out lessons. The students will start to get antsy after awhile. Taking breaks and stretch breaks will reset the students attention and regain focus!

Bailey Dant Bailey Dant 435 Points

I am not a teacher yet, but one thing that I am nervous about is gauging weather or not students will enjoy the lessons that I have planned. I think the key to a solid lesson is making sure that students don't get bored. Have many hands on experiences readily available for them to keep them curious and engaged. 

Jennifer Hamm Jennifer Hamm 730 Points

I am still a future educator, but since being in my field work, I have noticed that my teacher has a problem with getting students to turn in homework. She ends up getting frustrated with the students for not turning things in and takes away recess time, which just ends up giving them less time to run off their energy on the playground. However, after being in the classroom for the semester, one of the best parts of being a teacher is the relationship you build with the students as you get to know them. It makes teaching easier when you know your students and they know and trust you as their teacher. 

Paige Neff Paige Neff 730 Points

From working with the students, I have learned the hardest thing keeping them engaged and motivated. The best thing though is the bond you build with your students. The bond can make them feel safe and happy at school, making them want to be there and learn. Being a stable safe person for a student really makes a difference in their lives and yours. 

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