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Global Climate Change Project Ideas

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Jasmine Anderson Jasmine Anderson 450 Points

Good evening everyone! My name is Jasmine Anderson and I teach Biology, Environmental Science, and Marine Science in Jacksonville, FL. In my Marine Science classes I want to start a writing project for the end of the quarter in which students have to write an argumentative essay concerning global climate change and regulation of marine activities (I hope that's clear) but I am hitting a wall in the planning phase. I want the students to start by reading two articles related to the topic and am having difficulty finding an appropriate article that isn't too long and requires students to ask further questions. I'm hoping you all can help me flesh out this idea and maybe come up with possible prompts that could encourage the students to formulate a strong argument. Thank you so much for your help in advance! You all may see this posted in another forum as well.

Courtney Brown Courtney Brown 801 Points

I am just now seeing that this is from 2016- but I wanted to share anyways. Rewrite your own article!! We have been working with this in my elementary methods classes and it is great! That way- you can include the information that you want the students to know and be sure it isn't too lengthy. Just be sure to give credit and cite the resources! 

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