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Valeria Garcia Valeria Garcia 385 Points

I know remote learning has become a huge norm since the pandemic started. But what are some effective ways that you can incorporate teamwork/student interaction in a setting that is online?

Jennifer Lozano Jennifer Lozano 560 Points

Hello Valeria! An effective way that you can incorporate teamwork/student interaction is by creating a class groupchat and then allowing stuidents to choose their own groups. If students have a class group chat they can refer back to, they will feel safer since they have two different groups they can ask (the class groupchat or privately with their small group). 

Alyssa Guerra Alyssa Guerra 780 Points

Hi Valeria! I was wondering the same thing. I know it must be very difficult to keep students engaged and learning as effectively as they were before the pandemic since there was an opportunuty to be face to face. Especially with elementary students having a short attention span at times, I wonder how science activites and teamwork is incorporated as well. 

Yahaira Echavarria Yahaira Echavarria 400 Points

Hello Valeria, Remote learning has become something that is starting to be normalized especially during this pandemic and many times it's hard to make students do teamwork when they are miles from each other. My experience having the students be separated in groups or breakout rooms I have the students talking and getting to know each other as well as working on the assignment provided by the instructor.

Thomas Nicosia Thomas Nicosia 50 Points

The integration of remote learning in modern colleges and universities as well as in schools is a necessity. A lot of students today have switched to distance learning and like the fact that it doesn't take much time to travel to campuses. About teamwork - all communication between students takes place in messengers as it is, so it is not a problem for them to create a group chat and discuss a task, just chat or after completing their part of the work send it to the chat room for your colleague (another student in the same chat room) to finish it completely. It is their choice to use college writing services such as https://ca.edubirdie.com/college-paper-writing-services or do all the assignments themselves, which takes up their time. But they can also make a collective decision. In lessons, students can also use the chat room or discuss in an online conference with their teacher. I don't see any problem with students working in teams in distance learning.

Patricia Leazier Patricia Leazier 4502 Points

In response to Valeria's post, 'I know remote learning has become a huge norm since the pandemic started. But what are some effective ways that you can incorporate teamwork/student interaction in a setting that is online?' I have my students participate in virtual gallery walks and peer reviews/feedback (via, google docs).  This encourgages and demands student engagement and interaction among my students. 

Patty Leazier

Patricia Leazier Patricia Leazier 4502 Points

Valeria, you could also try 'chat blast' where you ask students to respond (to a question or prompt) in a group chat and tell them to wait until you say 'blast.'  Then all students respond at the same moment.  This keeps them honest and keeps them from copying off each other...they can't wait to see what the others post and then respond.  It's a great opportunity to see what students are thinking and a great way to access their understandings. 

Patty Leazier

Patricia Leazier Patricia Leazier 4502 Points

Break-out rooms are an amazing way to have students engage and work in small groups.  They allow teachers to intergate smaill group settings and join each room individually to assist students with questions.  

Patricia Leazier Patricia Leazier 4502 Points

Teachers in a remote learning setting hould explore the GoGuardian program.  This allows teachers to veiw students work from their computer and interact with their students via chats.  You can actually see what students are working on in each tab.  Additionally, you can control and close out any of your students tabs if they are not doing school work.  Its a great program that allows teachers to monitor all aspects of their students work. 

Nick Koulk Nick Koulk 20 Points

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Christian Adams Christian Adams 20 Points

Self-directed learning is really just another name for distance learning. It can be fantastic if a learner is driven to study. It's everything but 'learning' if a student lacks motivation and is prone to becoming sidetracked in a digital setting (like the majority of teenagers).

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