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I am on the faculty at Delaware State University. I do a lot of public speaking, professional development workshops, teaching, and writing. Topics include astronomy, physics and physical science, the process of science, science vs. pseudoscience, astrobiology, science teaching, and -- new -- a presentation on the 2024 solar eclipse. Author of the "Phenomenon-Based Learning" series of books on teaching physical science (published by NSTA Press). See http://www.linkedin.com/in/mattbobrowsky

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    Phases of the Moon

    This activity allows students to observe how the changing phases of the moon correlate with the moon's position in the sky. Using this information, students formulate a hypothesis for explaining the changing phases of the moon. Note that this activity also provides an example of the correct use of the word "hypothesis" as a possible explanation of some observed phenomenon (not a guess at the outcome of an experiment).

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