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I am a student teacher, who is almost finished with her degree. When i was in elementary and middle school, I enjoyed science but I got turned away from it in high school because of bad teachers. My goals is to be a teacher who promotes science in a fun and understandable way so students don't turn away from it.

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    What Forces this Motion?

    This collection focuses on teaching resources on the force and motion for elementary grades. Even though the overall name is for elementary, it has a higher focus on 3rd to 5th grade science classes. With these resources a teacher can assist his/her students on learning what causes an object to change direction, keep moving in one direction, or accelerate. The collection has different types of resources including: journal articles, science objects, and podcasts.The resources I picked are background information on force and motion for teachers, in class activities, safety concerns and methods when teaching this physical science, and student misconceptions on the subject. Another important resource I included in this collection that applies to any type of science, is an article talking about the importance of doing lessons outside and interacting with nature, and how science lessons and interaction with nature help students with language acquisition. Many of the lessons I included also

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